That's what all maters!

Probably a combination of a good lyrics and music arrangement is one of the main elements of a successful project, but most of all, Mix and Master what makes these elements Pops clearly out of small smartphone speakers or laptops.

Wrong mix or master will end up making a great project sound's blurry and uncomfortable and will distract audience attention.

By expressing inspirational music full of emotions or a post production project through mix & master, your project chances for success will definitely raise!

Here at GULF MEDIA studios we've been mixing and mastering Hit songs and anasheeds  for more than a decade.


GM Small
Disk Graph Smaller 3


Mohammad Al Husayan´

2017 EP
Ahmed Ibn Hanbal TV Drama

Yarajaey Seriel Albums'

Mishary Al Aradah & Hmood Al Khydr


Mishary Aradh

Elahi Wa Kam

Humood Alkhadher

Othman El Ebraheem

2015 LP

Mohammad Al Husayan´

2014 LP
Al Hasan wal Husain TV Drama

Othman Al Rashidi

2016 Single
Abarto-El Wojood

Kuwait Inshad Festivals

Life Concerts 2006/2007/2008

Osama Al Safi

2011 singles in album "Ashriqi"

Ready to Mix or Master your project?

We love to mix your music or video project and master your soundtrack.

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Assem Binni


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