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Scoring for video projects

Just in case you forgot... Music is 50% of any successful video project, as we learned at college, a Melody can drive a dramatic event in a scene either upwards or backwards, carefully selected music is very essential to achieve the right impressive impact on the audience faces, or put the audience in the right mood, and here comes our purpose, we've worked so hard for many years to gain experience & profession that gives us the ability to make the right decisions when it come to scoring music for post production.

Songs Composing/Arranging

Words are more valuable with music... , there are many Genre's in music, hundreds of styles, moods...., our job is to place your song or nasheed on the right mood using all music tools and expressions that we had gained throw long years of experience and profession, weather your project is a song or a Nasheed..., you can depend on us to push it to the limits.

Song composing
Instruments New

All options are available...

You can make your soundtrack using:

-Live orchestration,

-Sample libraries or

-Mix of both


Technology nowadays is incredibly fast, many options are available for music producers, a hole new scoring area has been born, sample libraries are more close to real live instruments sound everyday!

Generally, It all depends on your personal taste, budget and your project, we offer all options including mixing between live and sampled instruments, we give our advice after checking your project and leave the final decision to you.

Legacy projects

we have been working in music industry since 1990.

Here is some of our music collection links


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our comedy experience goes beyond the limits of many of our successful famous films and movie comedy music we'll mention some here:

Five stars family--Ahlam Abo El Hana...and many more

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Orchestra Drama

Hundreds of projects in "Drama & Epic" category, long experience in creating all different emotional music moods that suits the big screen

                  Ahmed Ibn Hanbal "End titles" "Epic" 

Khan Al Hareer "syrian drama",

Jarh El Zaman "Kuwaiti Drama"

                                and many more...

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Songs & Anasheed

We are proud to say that we are pioneers in Songs and Nasheed  industry, probably  most of your favorite songs are made by us either arranging or composing the melodies or music alternatives"Ahhat"

Ella Salati "Mishary Affasi", Farshi El Turab "Mishary Aradh", Wa Aalamo Annaka "Mohammad Husayan" and many much more

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Documentary & Commercials

You shoot the documentary and we do the rest,

You can count on us in finishing up you audio-track by all meanings, adding music or Ahhat, SFX, taking care of the recorded audio signal problems "de-noising, cleaning, finalizing and mastering.

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