Audio production in one of the most challenging process in media industry field, so we figured out that we can make our experiencess avaliable online for everyone

But not everyone can offord huge expenses of big studios booking hourse or live instrumentation recording ....etc., or maybe not having enough time to complete the project on time,

Here comes our responsibility to achieve the highest quality at affordable price in an exceptable deadline.

All the Best, Happiness and Success 🙂

Assem Binni



Through our vast experience in this field, our mission summarizes into giving an effective and successful platform that provide a decent easy solution to meet all the standerd needs of our modern civilization both artistic and professional.

Air Balloon


Transfer the world of music production from a difficult, complex and limited collection of readings, and academic research to be complied into a simplified, easier versions for all and everyone to learn and master by way of watching and implementing off this website!

a Story of a talent

This website and its existence is a dream that I cannot of imagined possible at the beginning of my career.
As just an amateur and lover of Piano & music I could have not imagined there to be a place in which someone could 
learn everything they wanted to know about Music production and all of its surrounding components in the field 
starting from learning to play the electronic or classic piano, to the arranging of music and implementation 
on samplers and live instruments to correctly mixing and mastering music, to correctly learning how to handle studios and clients. 
Now this place exists and is available to all that is willing to learn, and now I have reached my ultimate dream. 
Lastly, I wish everyone benefits from this site and reach full knowledge potential that they are looking for.

Good luck :)

-Assem Binni-